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for democrats, including california governor jerry brown, whose plan to balance the state budget or try to with a 6 billion dollar tax hike was 64% of the vote. it wasn't such a big night of the unions, the greatest defeat perhaps in michigan, 58% of voters rejected a measure to put collective bargaining in the confusi constitution. connell, you covered the michigan results. that's a big union state. what happened? >> boy, paul, this is a huge defeat for the unions in michigan, no question about it. basically the voters looked at this and they said they weren't willing to be union's guinea pig for the plan to get their interest written in state constitutions as to way to end run any reforms that states my try like what happened in wisconsin. what's interesting about the michigan numbers looking at them though, the no vote on pop significance proposition 2, the union initiative, got about 500,000 more votes than president obama did in the state and even more votes than mitt romney. and what that tells us is that the moderates and democratic support for the unions and their interests in m
been financing this paycheck deduction measure and financing the anti-jerry brown tax measure, though he apparently didn't think he was. that's another story. and yet tom, the hedge fund manager, financing prop 39, i think that's the only one that looks safe at this point. and up got to wonder, i mean, what is it they want? do they see a civic duty, do they see a political future for them? tom, they wonder what he's going to do. but jerry brown is a guy who has been vexed by the munger family. in this race. right? molly munger's prop 38 could be drawing support away from him and her brother charlie munger is financing the campaign apparently to kill his tax measure. >> belva: did one of them put more money in this week? >> the brother, charles, into this political action committee called the small business action committee. i'm not sure there are any small businesses involved in it. that's been fueling this no on 30, yes on 32 mix. this is a tremendous amount of money. and i don't think any of us who watch california politics, the folks there in the studio or me, are surprised this is
, look at patty. >> jerry parks' wife was killed. so was congressman ryan and three newsmen. parks ordered his daughter tracy, her older sister and three other youths to run for safety into the jungle. >> we ran too far, and, of course, it's so thick that like once you get so far you can't -- you get lost in your direction. >> before night came we went back to the jungle and started hollering for the kids. and no response. and i thought, oh, my god, don't tell me they are lost. >> i was the organizer, and anything that needed organizing they gave to carter. >> tim carter, seen here in '78, was a trusted aide to jim jones. he saw jonestown through different eyes. >> it was beautiful. i mean, something about nature, being in the jungle, it was beautiful. >> carter stayed almost to the end. he saw the gunmen come back from the airport. >> the tractor trailer that had come from the airstrip came up behind and stopped at the kitchen, and these guys jumped out. bob ky said, we got the congressman. >> that's when the reverend jim jones told his people this would be the day they'd have to
later and were you a supporter? >> by agree with jerry, that some of the details that judge green imposed on the settlement had no real basements. in either technology or economics. i guess my standard isn't as high in the sense that when either a judge or a regulatory commission makes a generally procompetitive decision, and so i believe that divestiture was important as an event. one of many that has caused the american telecommunication system to be the best in the world and the most competitive. >> guest: professor noll, you had mentioned that there were some errors that judge green made. what were some of those errors? >> well, ms, judge green believed something that at&t argued prior to a at&t's change of heart to go along with the divestiture. which was the weak sister was old operating company. so in the divestiture, there are -- it is silly to go into details the details because most of them are relevant today. what he did, whenever there was a close call, the divestiture decision was something in favor of the local operating companies and against the equipment manufactur
. that mess is slowly being cleaned up. jerry sandusky is in jail probably the rest of his life. the football program has been sanctioned by the n.c.a.a. but had a new and popular coach, bill o'brien who brought stability to the program. the university was fined $60 million and is still likely on the hook for millions more dollars as victims of sandusky file civil suits against the school. a geography professor by trade dr. erikson has been at penn state university since 1977. he has been chairman of the geography department and served as executive vice president and provost of the university. dr. erickson graduated university of minnesota and obtained his ph.d. in geography from the university of washington. a native of wisconsin, dr. erickson is the seventeenth president of penn state and plans to step down in 2014. no doubt much of his time in the next two years will be dealing with fallout from the scandal and restoring in state's reputation. please join me in welcoming rodney erickson to the press club. [applause] >> good afternoon. thank you for your kind introduction as well as your fl
. chief jerry dyer/ fresno police dept. "... according to one oo his coworkers he did not appear to be himmelffwhen he came to work // he pulled oot a handgun and began opeeing fire on several of his co- workers..."" at least four people were shot. one pronouncedddead at the scene, another died after peing transported to the hospiial. police say jones off.chief jerry dyer / fresno olice dept. " s difficult to say at this point if ittwas a specific targgt ttat jooes was lookkng for,, again he had been inside forr somethiig that must have perraps occurred toddy or building up to today..." law enforcemenn says jones has a checkerrd past.chief jerry dyer / fresno police dept. "...he has annextensive criminal history that dates way back into thh 90s and to oor knowledge he is a discharred paroleee.."(anchor tag) jones was found heed outside the buulding. he was rushed to an area hhspital where he later died of his injuries. in los aageles, adam housley, fox news. 3a fllrida judgg denies a request from casey anthooy... to move her civil trial out of orla
discussion is professor roger noll of stanford, as well as professor jerry hausman of mit. both of these gentlemen were involved at various levels in the breakup or the decision to break up at&t. joining us here in our washington studio is paul barbagallo of bloomberg. professor noll, first of all, what was your role or activity during the breakup of at&t, and what led to that decision? >> guest: well, the roots of the antitrust case were in a presidential task force that was formed during the johnson administration in the late 1960s called the telecommunications policy task force. it had concluded that the telecommunications industry, at least the part of it that was in the federal jurisdiction, could be competitive and made recommendations both to the -- mainly to the federal communications commission about how to cause that to happen. then when the nixon administration came along, the holdover staff in the antitrust division after watching for a couple of years decided to pursue antitrust rather than fcc regulation as the means to introduce competition. my role was that i was
mary's college. to his next year in office.t we can expect from jerry brn in sacramento. . >>> big ballot wins for the governor of california. we will look to his next year in office. what we can expect from jerry brown in sacramento. >> we are starting out cloudy, will end sunny and lots of details ahead on how things will be changing this week, and the changes are big time. so, please, we beg you, stay tuned. ♪me and you... ghirardelli squares chocolate... ♪a little rendezvous savor our luscious filling combined with our slow melting chocolate. ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ only from ghirardelli. thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. "dallas." after the man after the man behind "j-r e" passed away. yesterday, fans left flowert larry hagman's star . >>> new changes for the remake of dallas after the man behind j.r. ewing passed away. fans left flowers on the "hol
to straightening thing out and a referendum on jerry brown as well. >> we'll talk about that. alan martin is at the yes on 30 headquarters tonight. where is everybody? what are you hearing? >> well, they're getting pretty energized because this crowd has not been down at all tonight. they're hopeful that as we are seeing, as more votes are being counted that prop 30 will pass. why the state budget was written the way it was? it kicks $6 billion in budget cuts in mostly to education. the big supporters are with the california teachers association. if it passes the state sales tax goes up a quarter, a quarter penny on the dollar for four years, it would last for four years. income tax would go up for seven years if you make more than $250,000 a year. now, that revenue would offset the trigger. earlier i asked dean vogel head of the teacher's union, a happens if the trigger cuts go into effect. >> people are saying we have to stay to the world standards in california and now you're going to eliminate 15 instructal days it doesn't make sense. but that's where we are. what we believe is when w
. joining us is professor roger noll of stanford, as well as professor jerry hausman of mit, both of whom were involved at various levels in the breakup or the decision to break up at&t. joining us in the washington studio is paul. professor noll, first of all, what with your activity during the breakup of at&t and what led to that decision? >> the antitrust case was formed during the johnson administration the late 1960's and a presidential task force called the telecommunications policy task force. it concluded the telecommunications industry, the part in federal jurisdiction, should be competitive and made recommendations both -- mainly to the fcc about how to cause that to happen. then when the knicks and the administration can along, the holdover staff of the antitrust division decided to pursue it antitrust rather than it fcc regulation as the means to introduce competition. i was on both the telecommunication policy task force and i was one of the outside economists advising the department of justice during the mid-1970s when the case was actually being shipped. >> professor hausma
. >>> and voters deciding to tax themselves. governor jerry brown is behind the measure. groups have spent millions of dollars trying to defeat. he was out in oakland casting his vote. we have christie smith joining us live from oakland with why this will not be an easy vote and proposition. >> reporter: good morning. a real slow, but steady group of voters here in oakland. governor jerry brown is among the first this morning. he told reporters he thinks the tax increases are a reasonable thing to ask given the alternative $6 billion in cuts. governor jerry brown greeted supporters of proposition 30 in the oakland hills. voted by the back drop of the fire station with the dalmation by his side. >> i think that's a proposition that speaks for itself and i wouldn't be a bit surprised if the outcome is more positive than move you are expecting. >> reporter: he was surrounded by oakland teachers. >> i feel optimistic and not entirely confident. if i was entirely confident, i would not go out this afternoon to do poll watching. >> reporter: the initiative is about funding education and it is more, publi
. it was the home of the first blues festival. given the fact that jerry garcia used to play in this park, he was from this neighborhood, everybody knows his reputation. we thought what a great thing it would be to have an ampitheater named after jerry garcia. that is a name that has panache. it brings people from all over the bay area to the ampitheater. the calls that come in, we'd like to do a concert at the jerry garcia ampitheater and we do everything we can to accommodate them and help them because it gets people into the park. people like a lot of color and that's what they call a park. other people don't. you have to try to reconcile all those different points of view. what should a park look like and what should it have? should it be manicured, should it be nice little cobblestones around all of the paths and like that. the biggest objective of course is getting people into the park to appreciate open space. whatever that's going to take to make them happy, to get them there, that's the main goal. if it takes a planter with flowers and stuff like that, fine. you know, so what? people
here, got people moving toward this plane, a 19-seat otter. that's jerry parks walking with his wife. tracy parks and her brother dale got on the smaller plane. so did larry layton and vern gosney. >> the pilot started the plane and we were taxiing and we were coming down the runway to take off, and then the tractor trailer with the assassins cut in front of our plane. >> this is that tractor and farm wagon. >> and that's when i heard the shooting and i looked out the window and i said, they're killing everyone, they're killing everyone. i turned, and that's when larry shot me once in each side. >> larry layton, the false defector. at the same time, these gunmen leaped from that farm wagon as it pulled up near the larger plane. the nbc cameraman taking this footage was shot dead. >> i really didn't know what was happening at first. i didn't know what the sounds meant. and then when i realized that they were gunshots, i just -- i ran under the plane. >> leo ryan ducked behind a wheel but was killed. the only u.s. congressman ever assassinated while in office. these are photos never se
in israel. also, the situation in sacramento. we're going to sit down with state senator-elect jerry hill to talk about the new surplus that suddenly popped up on the screen. >> yeah, california's fiscal future and talking about the petraeus scandal. it's, of course, a big one in the headlines all week long. we're also going to talk about how safe is our e-mail. >> and we're going to talk about the safe streets of san francisco as we shift state prisoners on to the county. meanwhile, there is an apology this morning from the bishop of san jose, after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at the festival. >> the church and sheriff's office are trying to figure out how he got written permission for the event last month. in a statement issued yesterday, the bishop said no one was found guilty of sexual abuse can be allowed to volunteer in any activity that involves children. mcgraff went on to say i am deeply troubled and apologize to you that this policy was not followed. the man at the center of the controversy is mark christopher gearies. by state law, a registered sex offen
, danielle leigh. >> the jerry sandusky sex abuse seige continues. why two former penn state officials are in court today. unemployment may have to tire, unemployment may have to tire, but it was not all bad news did you know dentures are ten times softer than natural teeth and can be easily scratched? they may also have surface pores, where odor-causing bacteria can grow. that's why dentures require special care. make polident® part of your daily routine. polident's unique microclean formula cleanses gently. it releases antimicrobial agents, including active oxygen, to kill ninety-nine-point-nine percent of odor causing bacteria and reduce plaque. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture, use polident® everyday. this has been medifacts for polident®. use polident® everyday. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. the space shuttle atlantis is on the move to its new retirement home. it left kennedy space center around sunrise this morning and is taking a 10-mile ride on the back of a 76-wheeled platform. atlantis will need all
airport that emploaxcju everybody there. so we will take credit for all three counties. i told jerry, i'm never going to complain to jerry brown, what he to happen in the state legislature, because i used the first year and a half to insulate myself from all of that, emotionally as well as programmatically to say i'm not going to let the state hurt our city or the federal government. we've got to innovate our way out of this economic dole drum and we are doing so with inviting people here. those of you who take this word challenge, and really can really seriously bring that to fore with your best ideas, this is what i'm doing with all these technology companies. i'm not satisfied with just hosting a new company in the city, i want to know what they're doing, who's working there, where they're coming from, what they plan for the five or 10 years and how we can help them grow. as they're growing their jobs i want to know technologically how we can help. that's why i love going to accelerators, to find out what are the next five years that we're incubating so when it comes like what happen
for people making $250,000 or more. most of the money would go to public schools. jerry brown, about an hour said hang tight, we're going to come back in this race. and he speaks the truth. in the last hour, prop 30 has taken a slight lead in terms of the yes votes. yes on 30. very slightly over the no votes. >> all right. let's check in with cheryl hurd live in sacramento, where the governor has been the last couple of weeks, making a big push for yes on 30. saying he needed this to pass or the trigger cuts were going to go in. but it was iffy for a very long time. >> no one is giving up on this race. this crowd right here is waiting for the governor. a lot of people you see here are waiting on pins and needles as they watch these results come in for a yes on 30. a yes on 30 would add between $7 billion and $9 billion a year for the next seven years through an increased tax. right now, it looks like california voters are not necessarily making up their mind about this particular measure. we spoke with california school superintendent about the fallout, if a yes on 30 fails. >> well, i'm ner
electorate. here in california, big win for governor jerry brown and his proposition 30, brings relief to scho schools. >> californians made the courageous decision to protect our schools and colleges and strengthen the california dream. bl >> belva: and a win-win for california democrats with an apparent two-thirds super majority in the legislature and the ability to raise taxes without votes from republicans. >> i promise that we will exercise this new power with strength but also with humility and with reason. >> belva: also, author maya angelou shares her story and warm words of wisdom about the meaning of friendship. >> it keeps you alive. it keeps you awake. it keeps you trying to be the best. >> belva: coming up next. . >>> hello, i'm belva davis, and welcome to "this week in northern california." joining me on this special night, my last, as host here are jill tucker, "san francisco chronicle". lisa vor der brugen, "bay area news group." paul rogers, environment writer for "san jose mercury news." and carla marinucci, "san francisco chronicle," senior political reporter. carla,
assistant coach jerry sandusky was convicted back in the summertime of abusing ten boys. we'll have more on what these charges reveal about the investigation in our second half hour. >>> business owners are assessing the damage after a massive fire broke out at an historic building in northeast washington last night. there's no word yet on what caused that fire. the two-alarm blaze started in the old union market warehouse off florida avenue. four businesses there suffered heavy damage, including an accessories wholesaler and large meat market. the newly opened union market food hall a block away was not damaged in the fire. >>> coming up on news4 at 6:00, desperate pleas for help and gas. live coverage on the impact of hurricane sandy, continues in new jersey, where the lines are getting longer and longer. plus, actor alec baldwin and his wife are among the millions in the dark in new york. but they didn't wait around for help to arrive. >> i think you really do have to love each other. the moment something goes wrong, we fight for each other furiously. >> here at home the wait is getti
and they are opposing jerry brown's tax. the arizona group plans to appeal this ruling. >> the east palo alto police department's is being awarded a grant to work with crime fighting strategies. this grant will be used by crime analysts to identify hot spots of crime based on the location and the frequency of shots that are fired. this is used to tell people where the location is where a shot has been fired. >> we have new video of a chemical fire and a trail derailment and kentucky. here is a live look outside and this shows us a wider view of northern california. we are still dealt with bits and pieces even at this hour. > [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> welcome back this 6:25 a.m.. >> in the rain is starting to
but prop 30 may help change that. governor jerry brown's proposition 30 billed as a tax hike to rescue state schools has passed. 54% yes, to 46% no. it will raise the tax cut by a quarter of a cent per year and increase tax for those that make over $150,000 a year. >> here we are. we have a vote of the people. i think the only place in america where a state actually said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools, for our california dreams. >> reporter: now the biggest support was in liberal san francisco, santa cruz, and alameda county. while the largest was in the northeast tip of the state. it's expected to raise an average of $6 billion a year for the state's general fund and education. i'm tara moriarty. >>> competing measure proposition 38 went down in defeat. you can see right there on your screen. 72% said no. 28% said yes. it was bankrolled by millionaire attorney and would have raised the taxes of middle and upper class if households. >>> we are tracking breaking news. firefighters are looking into the cause of a house fire. i want to take you to the scene that is on
, while the house stays in republican hands. >>> and governor jerry brown talks politics and prop 30. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> and we know in our hearts for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> the voters speak. huge victory for president obama. >> winning pretty much all of the key battleground states, including ohio. >> we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. >> the crowd here in chicago is going bananas. >> there is just this sense of deflation and defeat in this room. >> i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader. >> the president has been re-elected, but nobody's put the stamp of approval on his program. >> the republicans have maintained control of the house of representatives. the democrats will still be in charge of the senate. >> it's now whether president obama decide
. 54% of voters said yes to prop 30. compared to 46% who voted no. governor jerry brown says it puts california on a more solid fiscal footing. >> this takes time and effort but we are on a correct glide path. and the rating agencies gun to put our -- begun to put out their commentary on how california is on a stable path. >> it will raise the sales tax and increase income taxes for people who make $250,000 a year for the next 7 years. >>> the superintendent said today parents and students across the state can breathe a sigh of relief knowing our schools will have the resources for the remainder of the year. >>> californians approved 5-11 ballot measures. the tax measure made the cut, so did prop 35, increases prison sentences and fines for human trafficking convictions. and prop 36, which revises law to impose life sentence only when new felony conviction is serious or violent and the increase on out of state businesses and new state district lines. voters defeated prop 31, and prop 32. a measure to set insurance prices based on a person's history was defeated. they also rejected a
francisco 49er jerry rice is taking fitness to a new level. the football legend unveiling a free pop-up fitness site called my city is my gym. rice is hoping it helps people to see how to use their urban supbldings for an outdoor workout. he says it is easy to work up a sweat. rice going to be at pier 39 through saturday to answer questions about the new site. >> we could use the desk. we need jerry to motivate us. >> a look at what is hot this weekend. >>> the weather should break by the weekend that's good because there's plenty to do. >> don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thanks for joining us. [cheers and applause]
. >>> former san francisco 49er jerry rice is taking fitness to a new level. the football legend unveiling a free pop-up fitness site called my city is my gym. rice is hoping it helps people to see how to use their urban supbldings for an outdoor workout. he says it is easy to work up a sweat. rice going to be at pier 39 through saturday to answer questions about the new site. >> we could use the desk. we need jerry to motivate us. >> a look at what is hot this weekend. >>> the weather should break by the weekend that's good because there's plenty to do. >> don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thanks for joining us. did you know dentures are ten times softer than natural teeth and can be easily scratched? they may also have surface pores, where odor-causing bacteria can grow. that's why dentures require special care. make polident® part of your daily routine. polident's unique microclean formula cleanses gently. it releases antimicrobial agents, including active oxygen, to kill ninety-nine-point-nine percent
understood that and they are beginning to succeed everywhere except the south. >> jerry brown got the tax in california. >> jerry brown did something for which he deserves credit. he was elected governor and he said i will not raise taxes unless i have the approval of the people of this date. to rescue the state's of california public school system, he went and said we need a tax increase. we need a tax increase of billions. and they voted for ed. i say hat's off to him and to californians for stepping up. >> legalizing marijuana nationwide? >> hats off also for the date marriage issue to joe biden who stepped up and said -- for the gay marriage issue it to joe biden who stepped up and said he was born at. that set a tone for the president and the vice president of the united states to comout thay. and you have the opposition going the other way. >> five years ago, i do not think you would have thought 10 years it would be no longer an issue because it was generational. i think that was pessimistic. i think in 10 years, we will not even be speaking of it. it was a rough night for secured
pronto los legisladores y el gobernador jerry brown tendran menos dinero en sus cuentas personales, le cuento porque.. topvo cesar una tercera persona en el condado de "placer" ha muerto por consumir hongos venenosos... ---anteriormente otras dos personas habian muerto y otras cuatro habian enfermado por comer los vegetales... ---todas las victimas vivian en un asilo ubicado en la poblacion de loomis, al norte de sacramento y consumieron los hongos que eran parte de los ingredientes de una sopa preparada por una empleada del asilo... cesar ---los funcionarios estatales electos que van desde el gobernador hasta los legisladores, take vo ---veran sus salarios reducidos hasta por miles de dolares a partir del proximo mes... ---esto es a raiz de un decreto anunciado durante la gestion del ex-gobernador arnold scharzenegge r.. take video box ---a partir del proximo tres de diciembre, el salario anual del gobernador jerry brown se reducira en ocho mil 699 dolares... ---tambien, los legisladores dejaran de percibir cuatro mil 765 dolares al ano... ---y los titulares de secretarias estatales v
leave before the end of the game. oh, come on, jerry. it was 9 to nothing. we were getting shellacked. those nachos are killing me. i thought you were hungry. it's complicated. come on, jerry, you're going to miss the exit. keep your shirt on. i got it.
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